about the farm

Chloé Roy

Chloé Roy

Since 2013, Chloé has been dedicated to help popularize a profession that highlights those skilled at both flower farming and floral designing through her ambitious project that is to create a little piece of paradise;
a small-scale flower farm.

Chloé is the heart of the operations.
She oversees all field production, greenhouse construction, irrigation and also all the creative side of the
lush, romantic, old fashioned floral design she is know for.

She deeply cares for the protection of the environnement and it is essential for her to work in harmony with nature
using only certified organic inputs and adopting crop management
which maintains the soil structure and promotes the biodiversity of the species.
She aderes to the philosophy and practices of bio-intensive agriculture.
The farm produces an impressive amount of flowers of an exceptional quality, 7 months a year,
on a very small surface that is 1 acre on permanent beds and without a tractor.

She is proud to be part of a growing local economy
and to promote a common awareness towards the cut flower trade.
Its mission is to sustainably cultivate some of the most beautiful flowers that exist!

Beyond her passion for her work and her mission, Chloe is mother of 3, 
a happy girlfriend and a nature lover.


Roméo Floramama


He is an helpful assistant we can count on. He takes care of keeping the farm clean and helps in various field production tasks. He has a logical and very critical spirit. He observes a lot and tries to solve problems in his own way. He loves hunting, being with friends and skiing.

Alice Floramama


She is passionate about reading, recycling, sewing and horses. She is a very creative girl and always makes sure that everything is fair and equitable for all. She happily assists in bouquet making, flower bunching and packaging. She dreams of becoming an actress.



He is the perfect working partner, always happy to help on a new project. He is always eager to help in the greenhouses in the spring. He loves playing outside in winter time and playing with friends in the woods.

Raphaëlle Noirjean Floramamama

Raphaëlle Noirjean

She is the organizational spirit behind the scenes. With her background in business management she makes sure everything keeps on flowing perfectly and always with the prettiest smile ever. If you’ve ever sent an email to Floramama you’ve likely heard back from Raphaëlle with a helpful and cheerful response. When she is not the farm she likes horseback riding, hiking and cooking delicious meals.

Stéphane Cocke Floramama

Stéphane Cocke

He is the contact between flowers in the fields and your eyes. He is almost always the one behind our beautiful flower filled poetic pictures. When he is not taking pictures you can find him DJing at high end places in Montreal or doing visual editing for artistic projects of all sortes. He is a very funny guy, super creative who who has the heart on the hand..

Cala Floramama


She is the faithful working partner of Chloe, who is never more than two steps away. When the work is too static she takes time to massage the chickens and at night she keeps the predators away from them. She's a good source of laughter and dreams of becoming a zebra.


∆∆ Please note that the farm is not open to the public ∆∆

a little philosophy:

Setting the world on flower!

Change the world, that can sound a bit pretentious!
Far from us the idea of appropriate ourselves with a false reputation.
The simple idea behind our philosophy is this one; we believe that the contemplation of pretty things
has the power to bring us back to the present moment, to distract us from our habitual thoughts.
We like to offer this beauty in order to get back to the present moment
by adding more grace once impregnated with floral charm.

For us, the key to happiness is to please the people around us.

That's why we are flower farmers and how we change the world, one bouquet at a time.